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Le Midi Restaurant @ BSC - The taste of the French/Italian in the heart of Kuala Lumpur.

Embark on an enchanting gastronomic journey at Le Midi, where our vibrant and deliciously diverse French/Italian cuisine will awaken your senses and invigorate your palate. Le Midi embodies the warmth and passion of the region from which it draws its creative inspiration, and we invite you to revel in the authentic flavours of the regions in a setting that is inspirational yet comfortable, and fabulous yet familiar.

Let us evoke memories of the hustle and bustle of the French fishing port of Marseille when you savour our nourishing bouillabaisse. Imagine yourself relaxing in summer when you sip on our piquant ceviche. At Le Midi, we invite you to be inspired by the exquisite perfection of our signature dishes while enjoying our unparalleled vistas of Kuala Lumpur.

From our tantalizing cocktails and comprehensive selection of wines from our cellar to the always-irresistible food from our kitchen and our much talked-about fireworks spectacular view from our sky dining area, at Le Midi, we serve only the best ingredients, prepared the best way we know how, because for us, our customers deserve only the best. Every time.